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Being a parent is not an easy job and sometimes, other problems can get in the way of looking after your children at home. If you are feeling overwhelmed or not coping, it's okay to ask for help.

Family and Child Connect is a free service to help you with the challenges of parenthood.

Every family is different, and it's important that you find solutions that work for you.
Family and Child Connect will talk to you about your worries, and connect you to the right local services that can help you.

Who can contact Family and Child Connect?

Anyone can contact Family and Child Connect for general advice and information, including parents, family members, young people and community members.

If your family needs help, you can contact Family and Child Connect directly.

There are also many people in the community who are there to help families and children for example, doctors, nurses and teachers.

If they are concerned about your situation, they can contact Family and Child Connect for advice, and let them know that you might need some help.

Is there a limit to the help I can receive?

No. You can contact Family and Child Connect as often as you need, for as long as you need.

If you and your family are dealing with many problems at the same time, Family and Child Connect can arrange special assistance for you. Intensive Family Support Services can work with you over an extended period of time to make sure your family receives the help you need.

Intensive Family Support Services are free for families who qualify for support through Family and Child Connect.

In many areas, there are specialist family support services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families, and most other family support services will be able to offer families the choice of working with an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander worker.

Where can you find Family and Child Connect ?

Family and Child Connect can visit a family at home or at a place that is mutually convenient and safe to talk.

Anyone can refer a family to Family and Child Connect for help, by completing an online referral form.